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History Book (A Golden Tyme Indeid)

Copyright (c) 2010 Harry Faulkner and Richard Phinney

RMGC History Book

Hardback 222 page history of Royal Montrose Golf Club from 1810 to 2010.

£15.00 each

The title of this book comes from the diary of James Melville, describing his idyllic childhood on the links of Montrose in 1562, when he tells us that he learned to use ‘the glub for golf’.

For centuries, Montrose was at the very centre of the sport’s evolution, and this volume has been written to mark the Bicentennial of the town’s oldest golf club.  Royal Montrose is only the second club in the world, after St Andrews, to have played over the same golfing ground for two centuries.

In 1845, it became only the third club to receive Royal Patronage, thanks to future Prime Minister William Gladstone.

The newly christened Royal Albert Golf Club (as it would be known for the next 141 years) ran many of golf’s first important tournaments, including the famous 25 Hole Open of 1866.  At over 8,000 yards it remains the longest course ever used for an important professional competition.

The club’s fascinating and historically important story is enlivened by princes, prime ministers and poets, and by its legendary professional Bob Dow, who would help launch the careers of golfing pioneers that would profoundly affect the development of golf as far away as Australia and America.

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The Honorary Secretary
Royal Montrose Golf Club
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Angus DD10 8SW

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